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In the paper "Nephew Deployment to IRAQ" the author states that Charlie has done the family proud by joining the army and accepting to serve his nation in another capacity that though risky and dangerous, will show his devotion and love for peace and harmony. …
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Nephew Deployment to IRAQ
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Nephew deployment to IRAQ Affiliation: “My beloved nephew Charlie of the nephew), military personnel present, family members, all distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Today is both a happy and sad day for me because I have to say goodbye to my beloved nephew who is being deployed for army duties in Iraq. It is sad to say farewell because we are not sure whether we will meet again and if so when that will be.
Charlie's devotion to his work is what I believe has made his superiors decide to deploy him to Iraq to join his fellow servicemen to serve this country. I, therefore, have no doubt in my mind and am sure most of the family members will agree to this that Charlie will not let anyone down. He will continue upholding his values and do the country proud.
When you go out there Charlie, remember the other servicemen are your brothers and sisters. Take good care of them and always be the peacemaker and uniting factor. Obey your superiors as they know what is best for you. Above all, remember to pray to the almighty for protection and strength to move on despite everything that may be facing you out there in the foreign land. Never make any hasty decisions that may compromise your safety or that of your colleagues. We will be with you in spirit and prayers and may God grant you the necessary protection and wisdom. Take good care of yourself son, we are proud of you and we will miss you terribly. God bless you, my dear nephew.” Read More
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