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People Management and Leading Change in the Fire and Rescue Services - Essay Example

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The purpose of this essay is to achieve all aims of reflection, especially in relation to people management and understanding the forces of change that are impacting upon the Fire and Rescue Service where the author works in training members of the watch   …
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People Management and Leading Change in the Fire and Rescue Services
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Download file to see previous pages The role of a researcher as a reflexive practitioner has also been emphasized by Trafford, who is of the view that “Being part of our research field makes us also part of the evidence that is collected …..[and we]…..should allow readers to see the author in context as well as the text.” (Trafford, 2000:3).
There have been some significant changes taking place within the fire service, mostly driven by the new agenda of Labour to bring about changes in the public sector. During the nationwide Fire services strike in 2002, the Fire Brigades Union asserted that the existing pay scales for the Fire Services were out of date because the role of a firefighter has changed considerably in recent years. As opposed to the traditional male, a manual worker who formed the average firefighter in the past, the new group of firefighters reflects associate, professional and technical grades which are inadequately compensated. In my opinion, these were legitimate arguments, especially because of the potential danger in what a fire-fighter may have to do, which further necessitates flexibility and leadership skills in the Fire Service. Globalization has produced a business environment of continuous change, where the failure to anticipate can be deadly (Ashley et al 1997:1), which specially applied to the Fire Service, which is subject to changes in the external and internal environment.
An independent inquiry report was commissioned by the Government (Bain 2002), which was followed by a White Paper titled Our Fire and Rescue Service, identifying poor human resource systems as one of the limitations in the Fire Services ( ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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