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Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life - Assignment Example

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This paper "Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life" discusses how BMW enhanced organizational performance through the implementation of HR Systems. Technology, globalization, and changes in the jobs and works require the proper implementation of Human Resource Systems and practices.  …
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Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life
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Extract of sample "Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life"

Download file to see previous pages Empowering employees and organizing around teams are aimed at BMW for facilitating communication and making it easier for decisions to be made. It helps the company to respond quickly to customer’s needs and it’s competitor’s challenges. It helps them learn to prioritize tasks and reduce job stress. A workforce that is knowledgeable and skilled at doing complex things keeps a company competitive and attracts investments. Improved productivity means fewer people, less money, less time, less space and fewer resources. Bonuses are given to workers on giving superb ideas related to cutting cost savings, as they are directly involved in the production. BMW prefers increased participation from the worker’s side. They must give at least three ideas with eight hundred pounds for each idea and to qualify for a full annual bonus up to two hundred and sixty-six pounds. This is done to save 3.6 M annually. The company has also increased workers pay from 2,500 pounds to 4,500 pounds. Many of the workers are hired on a temporary basis and working days are fixed to seven-day operation. Working time account was introduced in the company and workers were paid even when the plant remained shut for retooling. The hours missed were made up later. The company provided ease to the workers by giving them the opportunity to take off over time later as holidays.

The company saved more than six million pounds from 10,339 ideas (2 per worker last year). It is due to the detailed knowledge of the working environment that the workers come up with these ideas. The main goal of the company is to cut costs and improve productivity. BMW considers people as a source of competitive advantage. There is the quality of work-life at the company that is; employee participation, career development, conflict resolution, communication, wellness, job security, safe environment, and pride. Staffing, retention, development, adjustment and change management are the activities, which are successfully implemented at BMW.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life Assignment - 1.
(Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life Assignment - 1)
Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life Assignment - 1.
“Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life Assignment - 1”.
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