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This essay talks about the labor issues in human resources. HR has a lot of changes that it can undertake to avert the problem. There are some of the defined roles of the HR that it can major on heavily to ensure that it undertakes its roles effectively…
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Labor Issues in Human Resources
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Human Resources After reading the article on HR, I can answer the three questions provided. We love to hate HR Since most HR managers usually focus a lot on the “administrivia” thus presenting a lack vision and strategic Insight that is desirable for their work. Such complaints have a cyclical quality, and they are normally pushed by the business context. When firms and companies strive with the labor issues, then HR becomes an indispensable leadership, partner. The office of the HR bosses the working staffs a lot and is not comparable to any other office in a firm, not even the finance office.
HR has a lot of changes that it can undertake to avert the problem. There are some of the defined roles of the HR that it can major on heavily to ensure that it undertakes its roles effectively. These roles include managing layoffs process and generating flexible work arrangements. The HR is also tasked with creating a Performance management as there the typical difference from the old type of Performance Management and the current modern type management. The HR is intensely entailed in the recruiting process since they are structured or skilled to create interviews that help in singling out the identity the best candidates.
A career in HRM sounds appealing to me due to the central role of dealing with workers in a firm. Despite various restrictions and profession demands tied to HR human social management is highly important. My love for it comes from the need to create change in the professions especially for the HR offices that mismanage the process of recruiting and laying off to favour their friends and relatives.
Smith, S. A., & Mazin, R. A. (2011). The HR answer book: An indispensable guide for managers and human resources professionals. New York: American Management Association. Read More
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