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Human Resource Management Soft and Hard Practices - Essay Example

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The purpose of the paper "Human Resource Management Soft and Hard Practices " is to expound what Human Resource Management (HRM) is and its five wide functions. Additionally, it also discusses what soft, and hard HRM is and to what degree do soft and hard HRM practices vary…
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Human Resource Management Soft and Hard Practices
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Download file to see previous pages Human resource management involves several distinct but intersecting areas of administrative activity. The five wide functions of HRM are people resourcing, managing performance, managing reward, human resource development, and employment relations. Each of these will be discussed in detail below. To start with, people resourcing is making sure there is sufficient staffing for the present and future needs of the business through activities like human resource planning, induction, selection, recruitment succession planning, talent management, and the dissolution of the Employment affiliation (including managing redundancy and retirement). Second, managing performance is the process of managing a team and individual performance and the support of employees to the accomplishment of the goals of the organization, for instance, through performance appraisals and goal setting (Bratton & Gold 2012). Thirdly, managing reward is implementing and designing the pay and reward systems covering collective and individual, economic and non-economic reward, comprising workers benefits, pensions, and perks. In addition, employee relations is managing the communication and participation of employees in activities of the organization like decision making, managing workers welfare, handling union-management affairs (comprising collective bargaining and industrial action over the terms and conditions of hiring), handling employee discipline and grievance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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