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Even though the use of 360-degree feedback is effective in collecting performance related information within a typical organization, it has its own limits and reach. That is, there are measures that the 360-degree feedback may assess and those that it does not assess. For…
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360 Degree Feedback
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School: Topic: 360 DEGREE FEEDBACK Lecturer: Even though the use of 360-degree feedback is effective in collecting performance related information within a typical organization, it has its own limits and reach. That is, there are measures that the 360-degree feedback may assess and those that it does not assess. For example the 360-degree feedback can be said to be very effective in measuring behaviors of employees, as well as their competencies. Drucker (2005) observed that this is possible because the stated measures are qualitative in nature, suiting the applicability of the feedback system. The 360-degree feedback system may however not be effective in assessing result-oriented performance, which are more quantitative such as sales and market share.
When compared to the traditional performance appraisal, the 360-degree feedback can be said to be advantageous in how it ensures active participation by major stakeholders including employees themselves (Kaye, 2010). Such participation is enabled because includes an employee self-assessment to start the process. This way, the eventual outcome of the appraisal can be said to be the exact representation of employee performance. The feedback system may however be disadvantageous when an organization has to deal with a very large employee size. This is because such large size of employee and the use of 360-degree feedback may be highly time consuming. This is situation could also delay the turn-around time to get employees assessed.
When used to measure ineffective and effective performance, the 360-degree feedback guarantees an in-depth understanding of factors that account for employee performance. This is because of the qualitative nature of the feedback system. but in cases where an employee’s performance is dominated by quantitative and numeric outcomes, the feedback system becomes inappropriate in measuring effective and ineffective performance.
Drucker, P. F. (2005). Managing oneself. Harvard Business Review, 83(1), 100109.
Kaye, B. (2010). IDP 2.0: The future of the development dialogue. T+D, 64(12), 5255. Read More
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