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Industrial psych - Essay Example

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All the workers were treated in the same way and the outcomes, according to her, should have been the same. Nonetheless, people are very different in the way they perform and in the factors, which can serve as stimulus…
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Industrial psych
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Download file to see previous pages When the personality of each employee is studied, the degree of self-assurance of him or her will also be known. The interaction with worker also shows this level. Consistency theory by Korman states that self-confidence and presentation have a positive relationship: the more self-confident an employee is, the better results he shows. The level of self-assurance can be increased by means of special training that will help workers realize their potential. Moreover, positive experience also contributes to better self-esteem. During such training, a worker is offered an easy assignment, which is very easy to succeed in, and after the completion, his self-esteem will improve. The level of self-confidence also depends on the behavior of a supervisor; thus it is essential to provide supervisors with special training.
The next essential thing Susan Kwan should pay attention to is intrinsic motivation. Employees are different in the way they can be intrinsically motivated. Some of the employees like the process of performing the task, while some employees are more oriented towards the successful result of a task. Some employees also can be motivated by the desire to avoid negative outcomes, because they are afraid to be fired. Different tests can be used to determine if employees are intrinsic or extrinsic. Finally, the desire to get better results, need in communication and authority should be studied to define how people differ in these needs. The job position of every employee should be determined considering these differences.
It is necessary Susan Kwan should determine the workers’ level of satisfaction, which influences the quality of their performance. The goals that are set out should be well defined and understood, attainable within the set deadline, take into account the level of difficulty, the employees’ role and their level of preparation. Therefore, it is evident that a goal partly involves employees.
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