Short term crisis - long term problem economic for HR - Essay Example

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This is because, economic analysts project that the increasing unemployment rates will lead to reduced wages in future. In…
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Short term crisis - long term problem economic for HR
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SHORT TERM CRISIS - LONG TERM PROBLEM and Short Term Crisis - Long Term Problem The increasing rateof unemployment and specifically among the youth in the UK is causing some serious economic and social challenges in the nation. This is because, economic analysts project that the increasing unemployment rates will lead to reduced wages in future. In addition, the same challenge is more likely to cause some serious problems to the overall economic outlook in the nation. However, most of the strategies undertaken to address the challenge of unemployment among the youth in the UK are only short term. This, therefore, is interpreted as trying to apply short term measures in addressing a long-term challenge.
According to the most recent statistics, approximately 264,000 youth in the country has been unemployed for a period not less than 12 months. Some of the proposed recommendations are that the government and all the involved stakeholders within the UK economy should develop long-term measures to address the problem. If the same situation is maintained, there is the likelihood that the unemployed youth will become men while at the same time being poorly qualified and unproductive. Such a situation would work against the economic growth of the nation that sometimes faces competence challenges in the workforce.
One of the greatest challenge that the UK government faces in trying to address the problem is that almost a third of the unemployed youth in the country do not claim unemployment benefits. In such cases, the government is incapable of reaching out to such youth in order to help them secure employment. To further complicate the matter is that some of the youths in the country often find it hard to take the initial steps towards employment. In some cases, unemployment challenges among the youth are often attributed to the youth having unrealistic demands within the job market. While a similar situation may be replicated it the U.K, the challenge of job expectations is less significant considering the various factors that come into play when it comes to m unemployment among the youth in the UK. Some of the best ways of addressing the problem include; improving both local and national coordination to address the employment issue and increasing the part times jobs in the country. Read More
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