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Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth of a Country - Term Paper Example

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The author states that Infrastructure development is the backbone for the development of a country. A country cannot develop without having proper transportation facilities, power, health facilities, water supply, real estate (land, buildings, flats, hotels etc.) and manpower (labor force) …
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Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth of a Country
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Download file to see previous pages A country cannot develop without having proper transportation facilities, (through road, rail, sea, and air) power (electricity), health facilities (hospitals, nursing homes), water supply, real estate (land, buildings, flats, hotels etc.) and manpower (labor force).
Dubai is one best example of the analysis of the relationship between infrastructure and economic development. Most of us believe that all the Gulf countries, economically developed because of the oil resources. But it is not true at least in the case of Dubai. The economy of Dubai is related to the business. It is considered as the business hub of the Middle East. Those who have visited Dubai 25 years ago will be surprised to see the infrastructure development there. Around 25 years before there was only one building (Trade Center) which has more than 10 stories. But now hundreds of big multi-story buildings are there. In fact, one of the tallest buildings is under construction there. As far as the roads were concerned, we can see 4 tracks two-way one-way roads all over Dubai. Moreover, the rail facility is also implemented recently. Air transportation is one
of the best in the world. Dubai airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Cargo movements through cargo ships are immense. Most modern super specialty hospitals are large in numbers. Energy is not a problem at all. Around 25 years before such facilities were less in Dubai. We can see the influence of such advanced infrastructure facilities on the Dubai economy. Educational facilities are matching with international standards and availability of labor force or manpower also is excellent.
Though the declared aim of Globalization is the equality of opportunities to all countries irrespective of poor, developing or developed countries, we can see that the poor countries could not develop as much as anticipated. This is because of the poor infrastructure facilities in such countries.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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