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The advantage of numbers help employees in persuading employers to change certain aspects related to the working of an organization and…
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Case scenerio 3
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Nurse and Physician Unions Nurse and Physician Unions Employees join unions so that they can acquire collective bargaining power against employers who could be behaving in an inappropriate way. The advantage of numbers help employees in persuading employers to change certain aspects related to the working of an organization and change certain ignorant assumptions held by managements concerning how they should work and how much they ought to make. Physician unions represent physicians or doctors while nurse unions represent the nurses who hold the belief that nursing is one of the most hectic occupations (Niles, 2013). When an organization provides below standard working conditions, employees can join unions that would bargain for better working conditions. The same applies when the payment is discriminating since some employers could be desperately attempting to cut operational costs, which lead to reducing salaries and certain incentives (Todd, 2012). Physician and nursing unions represent the employees in improving their working conditions. This implies that without unions, the employer is free to dictate how much a physician’s or a nurse’s services are worth or the type of working conditions that they should be working in (Wolper, 2013). The employees who join unions have higher salaries and have other benefits that include insurance and job security in that they cannot be dismissed without proper reasons. However, there are some areas of concern with respect to unions for both physicians and for nurses. Here, high salaries may be offered to lazy nurses for the mere fact that they belong to a union. Were it not for some employers offering low salaries while attempting to cut costs, it would have been better to pay the employees according to productivity but not have the rules dictated by unions.
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