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Industrial relations in a global context: ukraine case - Essay Example

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INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT: UKRAINE CASE By Name Institution Instructor Course Date Table of Contents Executive summary 3 Industrial Relations in a Global Context: Ukraine case 4 Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 Employer – Employee relationship in Ukraine 7 Recruitment 7 Education and Retraining 7 Remuneration 8 Trade Unions 8 Criticism 10 Bibliography 13 Executive summary Industrial relations refer to the process of regulating workplace relations between the employer and the employee…
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Industrial relations in a global context: ukraine case
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Download file to see previous pages Emphasis has thus been given to industrial relations in most countries to ensure that employees are treated fairly and governments are able to portray a positive self-image to the international world. Industrial relations have been based on various concepts like pluralism, Unitarianism and Marxism that have allowed them to function in a variety of ways. Ukraine, a country in central Europe has been known to implement the concept of pluralism in its industrial relations. The formation of trade unions has been allowed constitutionally to ensure that each person's rights and interests are represented. The trade unions have however formed the basis for conflict that has arisen as a result of their nature of action. They may be politically influenced to serve other interests other than the interests of their members. They also openly relay the disparities between the employer and the employee portraying them as unable to be equal. Conflicts have also arisen as a result of failure of the trade unions to receive all that they have bargained for. Clearly, trade unions are a contemporary issue in industrial relations in Ukraine. ...
Interaction between the two are of a political, social and economic nature with institutions being established for the purposes of governing the operations of the workplace (Kaufman 2004). The great industrial revolution, a response to growing problems in the employment sector, led to the development of modern employment relationship currently encountered. At the time, there were free labor markets and large industries that employed thousands of people. The onset of massive economic and social changes led to labor problems that were fueled by low wages, long working hours, monotonous and dangerous work with abusive supervisory practices (Ackers 2002). This led to a threat in social stability as employees quit their jobs and organized violent strikes again their employers. This led to the rise of the concept of industrial relations to prevent further damage to the economy. Industrial relations define the relationship between employees and their employers as pertains to the protection of employee rights. It covers employees who are both unionized and non-unionized. Improvements in industrial relations and human resource management have moved management and employee bargaining down to the level of the firm generating interest in the conduct of employee relations at managerial levels. This is because labor markets are considered unfairly competitive. Employers have greater bargaining power than employees and are often viewed to have more profits as compared to the amount of wages they offer to employees. Literature Review With labor markets being perceived as imperfect, society cannot rely on managers and business owners to develop policies in the worker's interest. As such, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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