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A job selection matrix is a useful tool used by Human Resource Managers to compare without bias if an applicant’s qualifications match up to a job opening as per the required credentials and functions. Additionally, the hiring team is able to compare candidates to one another…
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Create a job selection matrix
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Job Selection Matrix Job Selection Matrix A job selection matrix is a useful tool used by Human Resource Managers to compare without bias if an applicant’s qualifications match up to a job opening as per the required credentials and functions. Additionally, the hiring team is able to compare candidates to one another on conventional professional criteria (Anon, 2010). The job selection matrix is a valuable hiring instrument since it provides the same employment opportunities to all candidates while advocating for the integrity of the organization by ensuring the decisions made are solely due to legally recognized, professional and non-discriminatory basis.
In developing a job selection matrix, it is important for the team to analyse the required qualifications and job functions of the position at stake. The technical and performance job skills should be considered in addition to the general categories on applications. During an interview, it should be decided on about which skills must be observed from the candidates and hence organised into categories. Lastly, during the interview, to ensure the gaps that were not mentioned in the application are filled, the hiring team should structure the interview questions to deduce this information. Most importantly, in the job selection matrix, a numeric ranking system should be included for each prerequisite and interview question (Anon, 2010). The ranking may range from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.
The figure below gives an example of a job selection matrix.
Position Title:
Selection Criteria
a. Knowledge of area A
d. Presentation Skills
b. Knowledge of technique B
e. Collaborative skills
c. Experience of analysis method C
Candidate’s Name
Score for Each Selection Criteria
1. John Doe
2. Jane Doe
The selection criteria may however vary with respect to the job position with an opening. The candidate who exhibits the most favourable sheet in accordance to their application can then be offered the opportunity.
Anon. (2010). Local Government Ombudsman. Guidance Notes on Redundancy Selection
Criteria.Retrieved from
policies/redundancy/redundancy-selection-criteria/ Read More
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