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The main external contexts that affect HR strategy and practice include government regulations that aim at ensuring that different workplaces comply with the law. The economic conditions is another external factor that determines the talent hired. Technology determines if the…
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Summary Post Summary Post Forum topic discussion The main external contexts that affect HR strategy and practice includegovernment regulations that aim at ensuring that different workplaces comply with the law. The economic conditions is another external factor that determines the talent hired. Technology determines if the human resource will be minimized or not (Stewart &  Brown, 2008). Another external factor is the demographics in the workforce. The demographics determine the type of compensation (Stewart & Brown, 2008). My organization attempts to manage these contexts by ensuring that employees comply with the law, acquaint themselves with novel technologies, and always ensure that all people get fair remuneration. The organization does it effectively through constant monitoring.
Unit 1- Contextualizing HRM
The definitions of HRM are myriad. The definition has shifted from a more traditional approach to people management. The link between HRM and business performance is inseparable (Stewart & Brown, 2008). The HR function also has different models. Organizations are generally problematic and the need for management is crucial. An understanding of the HRM context helps solve the issues that emanate from organizations. HRM has a long history; thus, the different styles of HR and people management. HRM has major contributions to the attainment of competitive success and business objectives.
Unit 2- Human Resource Planning
There is need explore the nature and composition of the UK labor market so as to consider the major social forces that are responsible for shaping the nature and extent of peoples engagement with paid employment. The methods and models of Human Resource Planning will be described and investigated in this unit. An analysis of the differences between "hard" and "soft" HRP will also be done.
Stewart, G. L. &  Brown, K. G. (2008). Human Resource Management: Linking Strategy to Practice. NY: Wiley. Read More
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