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Answer: Department of the Interior Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan (2012) suggests that diversity issues must be dealt in earnest to get best results from male and female employees. There are many reasons behind the problems evolved at Metropolitan Hospital. Metropolitan…
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Experiential Exercise
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Experimental Exercise of Human Resources Case Study [Teacher 20th April Question How and why did the problems at Metropolitan Hospital occur in the first place?
Answer: Department of the Interior Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan (2012) suggests that diversity issues must be dealt in earnest to get best results from male and female employees. There are many reasons behind the problems evolved at Metropolitan Hospital. Metropolitan Hospital tried to maintain 50 percent women in its new hires in management positions. The problems evolved when they could not maintain 50 percent gender diversity, when after 5 years no 50 percent women could reach to higher management positions. Their diversity program was not delivering results envisaged 5 years ago. This happened due to several reasons. The most important reason behind this was the switch of female employees to other organizations. When Metropolitan Hospital founded Task Force on Retention and Advancement of Female Executive Positions, it identified three main causes for leaving by female workers:
Limited opportunities for advancement
Lack of mentoring and networking
Existing work and family issues
Question 2: How did the changes address the underlying problems?
Answer: Duncan Green (2014) has highlighted many benefits of addressing the underlying problems of organizational diversity issues. The changes addressed the underlying problems in a very effective and professional way. Among the three main causes for leaving of Metropolitan Hospital by female workers, the first two were so much important for Metropolitan Hospital and these problems were directly linked with the operations of Metropolitan Hospital. So they ran a retooling program to address these top two concerns. They provided proper guidance, attention and growth prospects to both males and females. In addition to addressing the first two problems, Metropolitan Hospital also tried to solve the third problem that was more linked with the personal lives of the women rather than the professional lives. Metropolitan Hospital offered flexible work time, reduced workloads, and flexible work arrangements to address the family issues and engagements of women. All these restructuring of diversity program delivered good results after some time.
Question 3: What managers’ actions are required to successfully implement a diversity program?
Answer: There are certain attributes and functions that are required by managers to successfully implement a diversity program. Department of the Interior Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan (2012) highlights the following priorities and actions required by managers to successfully implement a diversity program:
Mangers should run a competitive recruitment process comprising on qualified and experienced group of potential candidates. This principle is important to get high performing workforce drawn from all segments of society
Cultivate the seed of an organizational culture in which people from all levels like to make collaboration with coworkers, try to create flexibility and fairness for other coworkers all the time. This principle is best to retain workers.
Introduce a mechanism and plan to enable the leaders of the organization to handle diversity thereby holding them accountable. It is important to measure the results of diversity program at regular intervals to introduce positive changes in it.
Department of the Interior Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. (2012). Diversity and
Inclusion Strategic Plan Department of the Interior. Available at: Accessed: 20th April 2015.
Duncan Green. (09 Oct 2014). DFID is changing its approach to better address the underlying
causes of poverty and conflict – can it work? Guest Post from two DFID reformers. Available at: Accessed: 20th April 2015.
American Hospital association. (April 2011). The Opportunities and Challenges for Rural
Hospitals in an Era of Health Reform. Available at: Accessed: 20th April 2015. Read More
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