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The evaluation of the job performance is based on three performance standards: Teaching, Research and Service. The professor’s professional responsibility is teaching and research…
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Allocating Merit Raises Situation
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Allocating Merit Raises Insert Insert s The has decided to give raises totaling $17,400 to the management department faculty. The evaluation of the job performance is based on three performance standards: Teaching, Research and Service. The professor’s professional responsibility is teaching and research therefore they are the most important to consider when evaluating. The highest rating member should receive a maximum raise of 5% of his current salary.
Prof. Jones ranks him the best in job performance because he exceeds in teaching, far exceeds in research and also exceeds in service. He exceeds in his teaching because he has taught about 200 students per year. His research is superb because of the two books and over 30 articles that he has written. His service is measurable because of the $80,000 grant he received for the college. He receives 4.9% of $116,000, which is $5,700.
Prof. Houseman has also done well in teaching and research, but his service to the university is average. He taught over 400 students per year and has written over 40 articles. Since joining the college 25 years ago, he has given over 30 presentations. He gets $3680, which is 4% of $92,000.
Prof. Karas has far exceeded in teaching, won Teacher of the Year Award, and taught about 150 students per year. For four years, he published 12 articles, which is remarkable. However, his service to the college is average. His raise is $3,000, 3% of $100,000.
Prof. Ricks far exceeds in his service to the college because of his active role in the community and charity boards. However, his teaching is average and has written only two articles in the last six years. He receives 2% of $135,000, which equals to $2,700.
Prof. Franks exceeds in service because he has been at the University for 18 years. He has taught about 150 students per year, so he has met the teaching standards. Nevertheless, he has failed to write any articles during the last four years. He gets $1,350, 1.5% of $90,000.
Prof. Matthews is new to the college faculty so his performance will be will be checked in the next evaluation. He receives 1% of $97,000, which totals $970.
Kentucky, U. O. (2013). Current Salary Allocation Guidelines. Read More
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Allocating Merit Raises Situation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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