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The Saudi Arabian job market has experienced transformation in the recent past and this has instigated a number of practices that have gone a long way in improving the labor relations in this country. Labor relation is associated with the practice and process of handling and…
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Media Portfolio
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Download file to see previous pages The three critical issues in this market present the major pillars of human resource in the country. It is important to note that the Saudi Arabian labor market was not celebrated much in the past due to some unwanted practices including alleged mistreatment of employees. Therefore, during this time that the market in undergoing transformation, revitalization and healing, employee safety and the roles of supervisors in the workplace come in handy. That notwithstanding, saudization is also critical to the healing of this market because of its relation to the replacement of foreign employees in the Saudi Arabian labor market with Saudi nationals especially in the private sector.
The Saudi Arabian labor market has not been able to achieve its economic competitiveness in the recent past. This situation has been associated with a number of factors including the most recent being saudization. The employees in this market have also experienced unfavorable working conditions that have deterred them from achieving their maximum potentials at their respective workplaces (Avery, 2005). In addition to that, these employees have not been well motivated to offer their best towards achieving organizational goals and it is for this reason that reports have indicated that Saudi Arabia has been declining in its global economic competitiveness over the last few years.
However, there have been efforts to thwart the dangers accompanied by these economic conditions in the labor market. For example, Saudi Arabia has formulated and implemented a number of health, safety and security protocols for its employees in a bid to enhance their motivation and satisfaction and subsequently harness the most out of them. The roles of supervisors, who were previously in the limelight for perpetrating employee frustrations, have been completely overhauled.
Saudization can be described as the process ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media Portfolio Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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