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The Vigilance Project - Case Study Example

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There has to be some level of term harmony between the parties involved particularly in an organization where there is a high level of bureaucracy. “Most organizations rely on effective…
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The Vigilance Project
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"The Vigilance Project"

Download file to see previous pages Vigilance is aimed at harmonizing record keeping and recording by the company across the division employees in different parts of the world. For the success implementation of the project, it is expected that the project team works together to ensure that the project is successful. However, the fact that there is a lot of bureaucracy with different project team members trying to prove superiority over others, the likelihood of the Vigilance project being successful is at doubt.
Arnold, (2005) analyzes the major causes of conflict in the workplace citing that there must be a reason for such conflicts to arise. There must be a reason specific members of the project team were chosen for the project including those in the sub-teams. This implies that every individual on the team is equally important as the other. Frank Lanigan, who is the project communication lead, is charged with the responsibility of ensuring effective communication between the project managers and ensuring that all communication is done in good time.
From France is the project manner Didier Armani. The sub-teams from the U.S. and France are also charged with the responsibility of identifying the appropriate fields that should appear on the screen of the system. Conversely, the French counterparts are supposed to map the data from the existing database and transfer the same to Vigilance. In this case, the members of the U.S team have prior experience in the development of a similar project called Perspective while working at Valmed. From the onset, Didier who is the project manager is very restrictive of the information flow despite all the members working on the same initiative.
The U.S. team feel disgruntled because Didier does not give most of the opinions a fair due hearing. This is an indication that there appears to be some conflict between the U.S members and those from France. However, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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