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Managing a Diversity Training Program - Essay Example

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Today society is characterized by diversity in culture, religion which is also reflected in the workplace. Moreover, women have become equally professional like men. However, the challenge…
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Managing a Diversity Training Program
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Download file to see previous pages In US workplace, discrimination is a common phenomenon added by the theory, similarity-attraction which explains “people are more likely to be attracted to others who are similar to themselves than to others who are different from themselves (Paludi, 2012, Ch.1). As the leader of an insurance company in Baltimore, there are also other theories to be considered before developing a diversity training program like the social categorization theory and the social identity theory. According to the social categorization theory people in workplace tend to classify themselves and others who have common social elements like age, gender, religion and class. According to the social identity theory people tend to take pride in their own characteristics like specific age group or religious affiliations. As such these people form in-groups with others who they consider as their kin and feel separated from out-groups which contain groups other than the in-groups. In this way discrimination becomes rampant in workplace (Paludi, 2012, Ch.1). For proper diversity management several things need to be considered. A workforce being culturally diverse there is potential of multiple talents and skills. Therefore, for a leader of an insurance company it is necessary that every individual be given proper opportunities to exhibit their talents and skills for the benefit of the company. This will create an overall inclusive working environment that can develop in spite of differences within workforce with no person feeling rejected. Thus, the key lies in creating an inclusive environment that will maximize the potential of all individuals in a workforce within a cultural context that will be advantageous for all (Rosado, 2006, p.4).
However, there can be challenges in implementing diversity training program. In spite of the overall advantages of this program, it can be opposed by some members as they may be reluctant to adapt to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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