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The most outstanding benefit that can be associated with the use of HR scorecard has to do with the evaluative outcomes it provides the organization in terms of determining how well organizational strategy has worked for the human resource (Lawler, Jamrog & Boudreau, 2011). By…
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HR Scorecard
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HR SCORECARD Lecturer: The most outstanding benefit that can be associated with the use of HR scorecard has to do with the evaluative outcomes it provides the organization in terms of determining how well organizational strategy has worked for the human resource (Lawler, Jamrog & Boudreau, 2011). By extension, the evaluative outcomes that are gained help the organization in making several decisions concerning the human resource, including training, placement and promotions.
Once the organization is made aware of how best its strategies work for the human resource, there are a number of people-focused competitive advantages that can be derived. As noted by Becker, Huselid and Ulrich (2001), a company has competitive advantage if it has what it takes to make customers select its products and services over what other competitors offer. Meanwhile, through the use of the HR scorecard to determine the best working outcomes for employees, it is possible to be guaranteed that the employees will show an attitude towards work that is directly responsive to customer request, expectations and needs, making customers select them over other competitors.
In the implementation of the HR scorecard however, there are some challenges that may be encountered. The first of this has to do with the assignment of assessment metrics to work outcomes that are considered more qualitative. Typical example of such work outcome is customer satisfaction. The second challenge has to do with cooperation from employees in the implementation of the outcomes with the HR scorecard (Lawler, Jamrog & Boudreau, 2011). The challenges can be minimized by having a communication system that fully involves employees and clearly explains the modalities of the HR scorecard to them.
Any functional HR scorecard is expected to have the following dimensions in its objectives:
HR deliverables – to achieve increased productivity
High-performance work system – to use the work system in place to deliver superior quality output of work based on stated specifications
HR system alignment – to coordinate with other departments in the delivery of work functions
HR efficiency measure - to use work system efficiently to produce more outcomes with less resources
Becker, B., Huselid, M. A., & Ulrich, D. (2001). The HR scorecard: Linking people, strategy, and performance. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.
Lawler, E. E., III, Jamrog, J., & Boudreau, J. (2011). Shining light on the HR profession. HRMagazine, 56(2), 3841. Read More
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