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Conflicts form part of daily human relations. The proper knowledge of conflict identification, management and conflict resolution makes the difference and promotes harmony. The class conflict over front table appeared minor. However, it had the potential to escalate to…
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Reflection of Conflict 1
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Reflection of conflict a. Conflicts form part of daily human relations. The proper knowledge of conflict identification, management and conflict resolution makes the difference and promotes harmony. The class conflict over front table appeared minor. However, it had the potential to escalate to detrimental levels. I sought to find a perfect solution that preserved one another’s self-esteem while maintaining our friendship. Besides, I ensured that my approach is a convenient solution that is elaborate and free of misinterpretation by either party. Therefore, I employed collaboration skills to agree with my classmate so that we both do not feel disadvantaged by the sitting position. In this regard, I aimed to work together with my classmate in the pursuit of dream of quality education.
In addition, I applied strategic maneuvering as a tool for agreement. In that, I neglected my self-interest and considered my classmates concerns for taking my seat. I felt the approach would work out because we shared a common desire of listening to the lectures without interruption. I also valued an approach that maintains level of self-awareness and respect for others. Therefore, the two communication skills `preserved our regard, admiration, and facilitated my decision to avoid conflict by mutual agreement to sit in adjacent positions. I will use a similar strategy if I find myself in comparable conflicts.
B. Conflict over the table could cause more harm to our relationship. Hence, I identified the reasons for the conflict in order to help strategize mutual mitigation approaches. The approach also facilitated my self-awareness and helped me define my goal. Moreover, I differentiated between listening for thoughts and listening for my feelings. I was able to clearly identify my roles and develop sympathy for my classmate. Thus, these approaches enabled me to consider my inner feelings and enabled me to develop respect for my friend. The final decision and the found peace resulted from a detailed inner analysis as shown.
All the parts of my approach successfully worked out because I realized I was mean to my classmate. I realized that we both deserved to sit in the front table given that our pursuit entailed listening to the lectures. The back position never favored any of us and it was unkind character to insist that my classmate occupy an uncomfortable table. The decision not to report the problem also enhanced our trust and the care for each other. I realized that education is a collective role and we require the assistance and support of friends all through.
c. My conflict experience theoretically relates to the concept of power effects. The theory highlights that a conflict arises when an individual’s aim of satisfaction is dependent on the challenger’s behavior. In line with our encounter, both of felt some level of class variation, hence we could not give up the table. In addition, each of us felt control of the goal to enjoy the lecture while sitting in the front table likewise, the tussle for the control of the position created frustrations between us. In common, our idealistic perspectives pushed us to assume some ownership and the right to use the table at the same time.
Conflict emerged in the event that we both failed to agree on the sharing because accommodate one person at a time. Candidly, our aim was to show our authority and dominance over the other. The whole idea shows that our conflict occurred because we are interdependent. If either of us surrendered the decision to use the front table then we could not have a conflict. Nonetheless, we perceived to possess authority over the control of activities of one another. Read More
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