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The four candidates in the case study of “Recruitment of a star” for the post that is offered by Stephen Conner are Gerald Baum, Sonia Meetha, David Hughes and Seth Horkum. Among them, I would hire Seth Horkum because there are a number of positive aspects about him that…
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Recruitment of a Star
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Download file to see previous pages 27). This allows for loyalty and dependency. He is the best fit or candidate for the job because of the above positive aspects as well as the intelligence he demonstrated during the interview.
Letting Peter go was the biggest mistake that Stephen Conner made because he faced the biggest problem of finding the right replacement as soon as possible (Groysberg et al. 1). Time was the significant factor for Stephen since it was that time when the organization was in dire need of an experience, skilled and senior analyst so as to get started with PowerChip Company, their new client (Connor & York, 2011).
Other than that, Stephen faced a lot of concerns from the organization’s senior executives regarding his decision of allowing Peter go. As a matter of fact, the senior executives were very disappointed with his decision to make Rina a substitute for Peter because Rina was an assistant to Peter and had joined the organization only three years ago yet they needed a senior and highly qualified analyst (Groysberg et al. 2).
The organization needed a senior analyst who is amazingly intelligent and with very superior analytical skills just like Peter (Connor & York, 2011). So a candidate that needed to succeed or supplant Peter must possess the same characteristics or be of the similar cadre so as to fit on the same shoe quite easily. Peter was at all times a hard worker and an achiever and his priorities were resource management, time management as well as competency at work (Groysberg et al. 4). Therefore, to find the best fit or replacement look alike of peter, there must be a new Peter that has the similar skill set as well as attitude. From the list of the four candidates, the best fits are Sonia and Seth because of the following reasons.
Sonia is a hard worker and an achiever. Despite the fact that she is working in a boutique, Sonia’s performance following the previous three years has tremendously grown ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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