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External and Internal Method of Recruitment at Tesco Plc - Essay Example

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The author of the present essay "External and Internal Method of Recruitment at Tesco Plc" points out that Tesco Plc is one of the British international general merchandise and grocery retailer having it's headquartered in the United Kingdom, England, Hertfordshire, and Chestnut…
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External and Internal Method of Recruitment at Tesco Plc
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Extract of sample "External and Internal Method of Recruitment at Tesco Plc"

Download file to see previous pages Recruitment or employment is defined as a method of attracting individuals towards a vacant position in a company. When a post or job exists, employment is initiated (Billsberry, 2008). Selection is a method of engaging a suitable person for a correct job or position at a correct time at an appropriate cost. The process of selection is followed by the recruitment process (Dale, 2003).
There are various types of decision which are taken by the managers of Tesco Plc before the process of recruitment, which includes initially thinking about candidates from inside the division. Then they decide to consider the applicants from the University or college who shows their concern in the job. If the positions still remain unfilled then they consider selecting a candidate from various sources beyond the University. Other decisions include job analysis, job depiction, and the selection criteria decided by the company (Yu and Cable, 2013).
There are various recruitment approaches which are adopted by the companies as a part of their recruitment exercise. The two types of approaches are the rational and processual approach to employment. Rational approaches are based on the grounds of selecting the most appropriate candidate in relation to their current and potential competencies. It identifies the abilities required to carry out a job in a proper way than just focusing on personal characteristics (Leighton and Proctor, 2006). The processual approach involves several processes such as preparing job description, making advertisement of the vacancy, managing responses, arranging and conducting interviews, and making final decisions before selecting the candidate (O’Meara, 2013). According to Torrington et al. (2014), although rational approaches provide the organisations to customise their recruitment and selection processes in accordance with their individual requirements, processual approaches are more commonly used because of an all-engulfing system that includes the basic framework and aims of the organisation for designing their recruitment and selection processes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 7.
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