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Opening Exercise - Essay Example

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The game will also help participants to realize the value of communicating properly to be understood especially in an organizational setting where there are a lot of factors that could hamper communication.
The game is composed of two teams with one moderator. Being such,…
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Opening Exercise
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"Opening Exercise"

Download file to see previous pages The guesser will have to think creatively to pinpoint the word and concepts written on the paper.
If a certain concept or word is unclear, team members can either research for clarification or better yet, ask the teacher to help explain and clarify the word or concept. Still, the participants are learning.
The restrategizing aspect of the game will teach the players about their lapse in their communication techniques and from their mistakes apply remedial measures to improve performance just like in an organization. They could also learn from the other team.
Each teams will also learn how to communicate properly so that they could guess the word and concept given the limited feedback of “YES, NO or COULD BE”. This would make the players appreciate how susceptible people are to miscommunication.
The process will also teach the students the value of clear communication in an organization realizing the difficulty of guessing concepts and ideas when handicapped by less than ideal situations such as having noise in communication, not having all the information needed, and not clearly transmitted thoughts.
The game can be applied to any subject. Only the words can be changed to suit the need of a particular subject. The game can also be made more challenging by letting the opposing team write the words that their opponents will have to guess. Of course they would naturally make the concept more difficult for other team to guess pushing the learning process to extend to more complicated concepts that would entice the students to study more to win the game without them realizing that they are already studying the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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