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The usage of traditional job boards is declining due to tough competition from bob aggregators and professional social networks like LinkedIn (Fertig, 2014). The decline also attributes to several factors like advancement in technology and computer use. Additionally, the…
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Monster Case Study
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Monster Case Study al Affiliation) The usage of traditional job boards is declining due to tough competition from bob aggregators and professional social networks like LinkedIn (Fertig, 2014). The decline also attributes to several factors like advancement in technology and computer use. Additionally, the increase in globalization results the decline by increasing the amounts of import competition in industries at lower costs. Another factor causing the decline of usage of traditional job boards is the institutional changes, leading to decline in unionization of members thus replacing the unskilled workers with highly trained workers (Jakub, 2013).
The social media and networks deliver job advertisements and connect the job seekers with employers through active sourcing, give relevant job suggestions and provide the employers with employees with the desired qualifications (Jakub, 2013). If I were on the job market right now, I would keep my resume updated and then join the professional social networks where I can connect with employers or access great business opportunities. Social networks are more effective than the traditional job boards since the networks contain the profile of a job seeker.
The culture and HR practices adopted by Starbucks during the recession would be fundamental for other companies. Indeed, Starbucks continued providing a great work and conducive environment for the employees and treated each other with utmost respect and dignity (Geereddy, 2013). The company adopted a premium product mix, supreme customer service, and a healthy corporate culture (Geereddy, 2013). Moreover, the company has attractive employee benefits and addresses all employees’ issues thus offering a dynamic place to work and the ability to cultivate strong and sustainable productivity. These attributes would help the bottom line at companies in other industries.
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Monster Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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