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It is after the death of 25 miners following an explosion of methane gas. This has raised questions about the safety measures put in place by the mine owners. The mining company has…
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HRD 394 assignment #2
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HRD 394 ASSIGNMENT 2 Death Trap: West Virginia mine Mine accident remains to be a prevalent and devastating occurrence common in West Virginia town. It is after the death of 25 miners following an explosion of methane gas. This has raised questions about the safety measures put in place by the mine owners. The mining company has a dismal record on safety. Given that, there had been at least three evacuations of miners recently. Federal officials are in collaboration with the miners suggesting that the explosion was probably preventable. Previously miners had been evacuated thrice from the upper branch because of hazardous methane levels. Investigations are ongoing. However, it is still unclear on the cause of the blast. Now all fingers are pointing at the leadership of Massey Company led by its belligerent C.E.O. Don L. Blankenship. Blankenship have been at the center of controversy when it comes to matters of safety measures. He tried to justify the violations by stating at one time that Violations are, unfortunately, a normal part of the mining process (Moore, 2011).
The Massey Energy Company is the biggest mining coal business in Central Appalachia has always been a host of fatalities. It has found itself under scrutiny that has unearthed dismaying records on safety measures in place. Reports state that as recently as last month it attracted hefty fines for inadequate ventilation as per the federal records. According to the federal prosecutor, the company has a record of having paid the highest settlement in terms of fines. The move is after the investigations proved his guilt of violating safety rules. The violations resulted in the death of two mineworkers who burned to their deaths following a fire outbreak in one of its mine. That year (2008) alone the company paid fines worth $20miilion another record for the Environmental Protection Agency for violations of clean water. Unfortunately, workers chose to remain mum on such issues, as they fear losing their jobs if they come aloud (Moore, 2011).
Gulf of Mexico: The spill
The Gulf oil spill is the nastiest oil spatter in American history. On 20 April 2010, the blast and tumbling of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico left 11 people dead. Cameras Underwater revealed that there was a leakage on the BP that leaked oil and gas on the bed of the ocean. From projection, 3.19 million barrels of oil emptied in the Gulf having been on leak for about 87 days. The oil situated over 5000 feet underneath the water surface in the cosmic leading edge of the deep sea. The surrounding characterizes by constant cold temperatures above the freezing level and very high pressures. Although immediately after the blast, experts rushed into the scene to try to identify what happened. It is evident that they have not made much out of it. Government agencies from most of the developed countries have put many resources together in efforts to control the oils from spreading to the beaches. The spill was devastating to the ecosystem in large volumes. Most intriguing is the fact that even after several years, the oil still engulfs the Gulf. The phenomenon explains the magnitude of the damage the spill had and continues to accrue in the ecosystem (Moore, 2011).
It is evident that the environment suffers a great deal from human activities. Most companies whose business activities directly link to the environment lack sufficient safety measures. The same is evident in the case of the Massey mining company in Missouri. It is clear that the management of the company is more interested in profit making at the expense of world ecosystem and that of its workers. It is evident from the dismal record of accomplishment on health violations of its workers. Federal fines because of environmental acts violations among other undocumented events. Therefore, there is need for the government as well as nongovernmental organization to step in and concentrate undivided efforts to streamline such companies.
Moore, J. (2011). True West Virginia ghost stories. S.l.: West Virginia Ghosts. Read More
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