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Your Name Your Subject/Course Date Ansel Adams: All - American Photographer Ansel Adams is probably America’s favorite photographer. One may not realize it, but his works are quite famous and pretty sure you have seen it, and have appreciated it…
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Research paper about famous photographer Ansel Adams
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Download file to see previous pages He started school in 1908 but he was a poor student. He started to hate going to school. In 1915, his father took him out from school and had him home-schooled. During that time, Charles bought his son a pass to the Panama Pacific International Exposition. This Exposition had exhibits on science, arts, machinery and photography. That was the first time young Ansel encountered photography as a form of art. There were three prints exhibited by the great photographer Edward Weston – whom he would collaborate much later in a group project and will become a great friend. His unconventional education opened the doors for young Ansel: He became interested in piano and began to teach himself how to play. He was a serious student of music, and recognizing this, his father hired a piano tutor for Ansel. Her name was Marie Butler and she tutored Ansel for three years. At this point, Ansel was seriously considering becoming a concert pianist. In 1916, Ansel’s family took a trip to Yosemite and on this trip, his father gave him a camera. This trip made him interested in photography as a result. “With his camera, a Kodak Box Brownie, Ansel’s life as a photographer began – an interest which was to endure for the rest of his life. With his first attempts at committing the magic of Yosemite to film, he demonstrated the beginnings of an immense talent which was to make him a world-class photographer” (1). Ansel was then persuaded to attend school again and he did. He went to Mrs. Kate Wilkins’ private school. He graduated from eighth grade in 1917 at Mrs. Wilkins’ school. His graduation marked the end of his academic career. He continued to pursue piano and music, as well as his new passion – photography – after graduation. Like the way he taught himself piano, he began teaching himself the basic principles of photography. Then he got a job working part-time for a photo finisher in San Francisco, Fred Dittman. This is where Ansel had his first darkroom experience. Will Dassonville, a neighbor, was a technician and manufacturer of photographic papers. “It was Will Dassonville who was Ansel’s true inspiration and who brought his attention the true extent to which photography could be developed into an art form.” (2) This picture is called The Tetons – Snake River. This iconic picture is taken at the Yosemite Park and is probably one of the most famous photographs that inspired environmentalism in America. Many photographers agree that Ansel Adams made a huge impact in photography that you can actually denote the history of photography into before Ansel Adams and after Ansel Adams. It has been said that before Ansel Adams, photography is not taken seriously, and was not considered an art form. The photographers then used extreme manipulations on their photographs to make them resemble paintings. However, Ansel came to the scene declaring “photography is poetry of the real” and eschewed manipulations. He practiced the value of “pure photography” using only light, shutter speed and other simple manipulations of the camera. Ansel clung to the large format camera even if the point and shoot ones were readily available. Because of his beautiful pictures of nature, Ansel changed how photography was seen (it is now art) and has influenced America about how to take care of their environment. Because of him, King’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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