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Ansel Adams - Term Paper Example

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Ansel Adams The origin, growth and development of photography from black and white to color, and again to digital photography, can be considered as the effect of technological development. One can see that photographs in black and white create nostalgic feeling in the minds of the viewers…
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Ansel Adams Term Paper
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Download file to see previous pages At the same time, he provided ample importance to experimentation in the field of photography. Thesis statement: Ansel Easton Adams’ contributions to the context of photography prove that he made use of the same as a medium to communicate with the viewers and to express his views on nature, and his works are symbolic of the amalgamation of photography, environmental awareness, and music under a single roof. Biographical information Adams was born in the year 1902, in California. Adams’ father (Charles Hitchcock Adams) was a businessman (say, lumber business), who worked with his father (Adams’s grandfather). But Charles Hitchcock Adams was not interested in business because he was interested in Astronomy. In addition, Adams’ father was deeply influenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s naturalism. His mother, Olive Bray Adams was a homemaker. During his childhood, Adams was hyperactive and it prevented him from being the part of traditional schooling. So, Adams completed his school education by private tuitions. Besides, this de-schooling deeply influenced his later life as a nature photographer. Later, he joined Mrs. Kate M. Wilkins Private School to complete his education. One can see that Adams’ photographs represent his deep relationship with nature which was deeply indebted to his father’s influence upon him. ...
Gradually, Adams began to participate in art exhibitions and exhibited his works. In the year 1928, he married a young lady named as Virginia Best, who later became the owner of Best's Studio. One can see that his career as a photographer is deeply influenced by music. Besides, Adams was interested in experimental photography. In the year 1933, he was able to open a gallery, specially prepared to exhibit his creative works in photography. This initiative was helpful to establish himself as a professional photographer. Adams passed away in the year 1984. Important works Some of the important works by Ansel Adams, like Rose and Driftwood, Clearing Winter Storm, Moonrise, and The Tetons and the Snake River are discussed here. As pointed out, Adams’ works are renowned for the close relationship with nature. He tried his level best to portray the secrets of nature, through the eyes of a naturalist. The photograph named as Rose and Driftwood (see appendix-1), 1932, which was captured by him in San Francisco is the rare combination of animate and inanimate objects in nature. For instance, the rose represents the animate objects and the rosewood represents the inanimate objects in nature. Besides, this photograph is symbolic of his decision to give up his career as a musician. At the same time, this photograph reveals Adams’ awareness on the wise usage of natural light in photography. In addition, the similarity between the petals of the rose flower and the pattern on the driftwood is noteworthy. The photograph named as Clearing Winter Storm (see appendix-2) was captured by Adams in the year 1940. One can see that this photograph was taken at Yosemite National Park. Adams waited for a long time to capture this photograph because and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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