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Understanding the sign and symptons of teenage suicide - Term Paper Example

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The characteristics of the boys continue to be held by them about the Lisbon girls even as they are in middle age. Boys in the book…
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Understanding the sign and symptons of teenage suicide
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Download file to see previous pages Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon despite actions and strategies are not able to stop the deaths of their daughters.
The book is about a catholic family that lives in Michigan that is set in 1970s. Father of the family, Ronald is a teacher that teaches math in a private school but the mother is a home maker. Ronald’s family constitute five daughters.
Characters in the novel are Cecilia Lisbon, Lux Lisbon, Mary Lisbon and Bonnie Lisbon. Cecilia Lisbon is a sister to Mary Lisbon. She is the main character in the novel with her being shy and this is known by her elder sisters. She is found of invoking Virgin Mary and spend most of her time listening to Celtic music. She commits suicide and after her death it is discovered in her diary entries that she was trying to speak of her sister and her being a single entity.
Cecilia attempts suicide several times with firs attempt being slitting her wrists during a bath. The second successful attempt of suicide that becomes successful is during her menstrual cycle when she jumps onto a spiked fence.
Lux Lisbon gets in love with Trip Fontaine. Trip Fontaine asks the parents of Lux so that they could be able to attend a dance. The request leads to the girls being locked in the house for most part of winter with dare consequences. This leads to the death of lux in June during winter.
Mary Lisbon is the second oldest in the family. She tries to keep her appearance after the death of her sisters through wearing of brighter sweaters. She attempts suicide on the night of June fifteenth but does not die. She spend most of her time sleeping after the attempt. She later dies in July after taking sleeping pills.
The book, the Virgin suicide was written by Jeffrey Eugenides. Suicide topic is portrayed in the book with involvement of a Lisbon girls engaging in suicide with unknown reasons. Devices that are used in the book bringing about major topics in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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