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The compensation plan that has been developed by MGOA ensures that the surgeons that were previously paid using flat salaries are compensated based on their productivity and profitability in the organization. Moreover, the surgeons were concentrating mostly on research; but also…
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Ethical Performance Appraisal Issues
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Ethical Performance Appraisal Issues Affiliation Ethical Performance Appraisal Issues The compensation plan that has been developed by MGOA ensures that the surgeons that were previously paid using flat salaries are compensated based on their productivity and profitability in the organization. Moreover, the surgeons were concentrating mostly on research; but also increase the financial stability of the MGOA there was need to increase the number of surgeries. For that reason, the more work done the more the money coming in meaning that the organization will have a good reputation. The compensation plan reduced the number of hours spent on doing research because even the research was taking up some administrative funds (Barro, Bozic & Zimmerman, 2005a). The compensation plan also cut down on the amount of money that was given to doctors who had tenure. This is because the amount of money they were getting was more that they were bringing in and or that reason, in order to benefit from the finances they had to work more to gain more.
Various strengths have been associated with the pay for performance plan. They include positive performance because the surgeons pay correlate directly with the number of patients or surgeries they perform in a given quarter. Secondly, the compensation plan provides equality on the surgeons in the sense that regardless of the tenure on has served they all have to get paid according to their performance; hence, reducing the protection given to low performers in the organization (Beaulieu & Zimmerman, 2005a). Thirdly, there is employee motivation because the surgeons will not be relying on the base pay that they have been accustomed to in that, knowing that they will get more when they work makes it increase their motivation and productivity for the organization.
Even though the compensation plan has various strengths, it has shown some weaknesses. They include lack of backing from surgeons who have had tenure of service. Because they are accustomed to a little work, yet more pay and for that reason, adjusting would be AA problem. Secondly, the surgeons working on the research will abandon their work because the money meaning that they might lose grants from National Institute of Health motivates them. To deal with these challenges, it is important to come up with a plan that will ensure that the employees with tenure do not feel left out. Additionally, they should be provided with a work plan that allows them to bring the hospital money to stop in order to ensure that even though they are taking money from the hospital at least they are bringing some back. In relation to the research, it would be important for the surgeons to divide their work hours in a way that one does not affect the other (Barro, Bozic & Zimmerman, 2005b). That is the hours should be equal to ensure that they continue to have government funding.
The compensation plan may be employed to non-physician employees by setting goals that the employees should reach. In that, if an employee achieves a particular goal they get a commission on top of their base pay with every goal achieved. Furthermore, many employees are motivated by money and for that reason they will increase productivity in order to attain their goals and objectives. The compensation plan can also work for non-physicians if they are given bonuses for a job well done or for doing more overtime. By so doing, the organization will increase its productivity, as well as, achieve their goals and objective within the stipulated period.
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