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Halecar and Mid Lans Automotive Two cultures merge - Coursework Example

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Halecar and Mid Lans Automotive Two cultures merge
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Download file to see previous pages s starting from recruitment and selection of staffs to managing performance, eliminating employee dissatisfaction, bringing advancement in training and development as well as controlling issues relating to equity and diversity of the employees (Armstrong, 2012). As a result of growing competition and technological advancement, more and more firms tend to merge with comparatively strong firms in order to protect their existence and to enjoy economic and technological advantages arising out of strong background of the companies merged with. However, as a result of such amalgamation the employees of two different companies experience difference in terms of rules and regulations, working procedure, employee benefits as well as different working culture. Hence, employees of one organization are bound to adopt the cultural practices of the other organization. If not controlled properly, such incidents may lead to serious consequences for the newly merged company in terms of employee dissatisfaction, employee turnover, reduced production and profitability (Legge, 2005). Therefore, human resource team should take corrective actions in timely manner for organizations to sustain in the long run and to enjoy advantages arising out of merger.
Halecar is a long established UK based Automotive Manufacturing Company producing British cars for well known Indian Company, Tutu (Excerpt from case study). However, with the decline in the UK car industry, Halecar started experiencing rapid detriment in their production and the company ceased to exist. Workforce had been reduced and the only source of revenue was the Indian Company, Tutu for which they manufactured Nano, the cheapest passenger car in the world. Further pressure from the Indian company as well, to bring efficiency in production process and to shift production to 3 lines on a 24 hour basis, led the management to impiment structural changes into the organization. On 1st of August, 2014, Managing Director of Halecar ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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