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Current topics in HR - Research Paper Example

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The topic has gained major attention currently pertaining to clarification of rules and procedures regarding wage and hour decisions made by the Supreme Court of California. This topic in human resource discusses five recent wage and hour decision judgments made by the…
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Current topics in HR
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Download file to see previous pages which was concerned with the installation of an appropriate course of action for trying and certifying hour and wage class judgments, made the process of class certification more accurate. The court recommended that a feasible trial plan should be set up, which should give equal contemplation to both the existing class issues along with those issues that would be practiced with managerial efficiency while respecting the rights of the employers (Crain and Kim 7-8). The plan would also sanction presenting evidences by the employer, which were pertinent to the subjects of both damages and liabilities. It must also permit the employers to formulate the use of confirmatory defenses towards the class as a whole or mainly some members belonging to the class (Jones Day Publications, “California Supreme Court Ruling to Make Class Certification Process More Rigorous”).
This case came under the Supreme Court’s judgment, fought by Henry Jong, an outpatient pharmacy manager for Kaiser against the company. The manager claimed that he had owed unpaid overtime that had been earned from the suspected “off-the-clock” hours, which either the company knew or was supposed to know that Jong had worked. In his statement, the manager testified that he was aware of the policy that mentioned compensation of payment for all worked hours of Kaiser and also that he was recognizable with Kaiser’s rules of timekeeping and time recording system. Jong however agreed that he had signed a deed named “Attestation Form for Hourly Managers and Supervisors – Working Off-the-Clock not allowed”. The manager disclosed the fact that he did not knew if anybody in the Kaiser’s organization was aware that he was working off-the-clock. Finally, Jong submitted that he had rang an alarm code data from his pharmacy that was cross referenced from his time records, which indicated that he had disarmed the alarm before the actual time, which he reported to begin his work. The subordinate trial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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