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With regard to their employment systems and HRM strategies, policies and practices, compare and contrast the UK with China on the following: - Essay Example

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Human Resource is the general framework in an organization that develop the knowledge, abilities and skills of the individual personnel as well as the whole organization. It is basically develops opportunities for training and career development of the employees. It seeks to…
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With regard to their employment systems and HRM strategies, policies and practices, compare and contrast the UK with China on the following:
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Extract of sample "With regard to their employment systems and HRM strategies, policies and practices, compare and contrast the UK with China on the following:"

Download file to see previous pages The Human Resource plays a vital role for the organization’s achievement of sustainability. Sustainability includes every aspect such as economic, social and environmental considerations. It pervades aspects that are crucial for the simultaneous delivery of positive results for the people, the environment and for the sake of business profit. Human Resource management includes overall organizational process, manage changes, and culture cultivation for the development and implementation of sustainability strategies (SHRM, 2011).
The field of the Human Resource is a very wide field of academic and practice discipline. As defined, HRD is the process for unleashing and developing the human expertise through personnel training and development and the whole progress of the organization for improved performance. Its concern is in the dynamic issues for the individual and organizational changes. One of its functions is to capture the essence of the training and development of personnel. In the 21st century, new trends in the field of HRD for personnel training and development are introduced every now and then (Swanson and Holton, 2001)
The current trend for today’s career development has significantly gone global. Across the country workers are steadily increasing and most of the countries today welcome foreigners to work on their land. The integration of diverse cultures in the various fields of profession encourages the individuals to venture on foreign lands. International collaborations for the career and development have instituted ways to make the career development across borders easy, accessible and fast. In choosing the best career to take nowadays, decisions must be based on the current trends of the career development in consideration of the global and local environments. The fields that fit in today’s generation are those that offer lasting growth and continuous developments. They must not just be in the field of profession but also in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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