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E-Compensation Human Resources Information Systems - Assignment Example

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E-Compensation Human Resource Information Systems are electronic systems that enable automation of most human resource management activities and processes. Some HRIS systems are hosted online where they can be accessed from different locations.
Web based compensation tool is…
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E-Compensation Human Resources Information Systems
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Download file to see previous pages The development and configuration of the infrastructure requires skilled personnel as well as resources. Another merit of the web-based compensation tool over the client-server and stand-alone PC based compensation tools is that it requires less hardware. This is because most of the hardware required for the web based compensation system are available over the internet and supported by the company hosting the web based services. The client/server and standalone PC based compensation tools require all hardware needed for the compensation system to be available locally. For this reason, the client/server and PC based compensation tools require higher initial cost to setup (Mukherjee, 2012).
As much as the client-server based and stand-alone PC based compensation tools require higher initial cost to setup, they offer superior long term savings than the pc based compensation tool. The reason behind the long term saving offered by the client-server and PC based compensation tool is because an organization does not have to pay monthly or annual fees for the services to a third party company. The web based services are offered by id party companies at monthly or annual subscriptions that can result into higher long term costs. On the other hand, companies choosing the client-server and PC based compensation tools require high skilled IT department personnel to support the systems. Therefore, the web based compensation tool is recommendable for the organization stakeholders because it does not require high IT support to support the infrastructure. Moreover, the system can be upgraded and updated at lower costs compared to the client-server and stand-alone PC based services (Sistare, Shiplett & Buss, 2009).
From an employee perspective; the e-Compensation tools can motivate the organizations employees to work harder thus improving their performance. The reason behind motivation is that the efforts of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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