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Staffing, as applies in the work environment, refes to the process of getting, deploying and maintenance of employees of an organisation (Heneman & Judge, 2006). It also ensures that an organisation manages to create and add quality to its employees though positive outcomes from…
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Discussion Questions - Strategic Sourcing
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Strategic Sourcing Introduction Staffing, as applies in the work environment, refes to the process of getting, deploying and maintenance of employees of an organisation (Heneman & Judge, 2006). It also ensures that an organisation manages to create and add quality to its employees though positive outcomes from the goals and objectives of the organisation. The staffing process has to be carried out with much keeness so that the organisation can manage to get the right staff the can execute the set functions effectively and efficiently.
In the organisation, different assessments are ifthne used to determine the right staff needed by the organisation in its functions. The choice of the right assessemtn tool depends on the needs of the organisation, as well as the convenience the organisation wants to have in the process.
Integrity and Reliability Tests
These assessment tests are often used in predicting whether particular job applicants can take part in the many counterproductive activities at the work place like unsafe behavior and other related activities. These tests are also essential in predicting the tenure for the job applicants as well as their effectiveness in the job.
These tests have also been found to be very effective in helping the organisation to avoid most of the costly mistakes in the hiring process like violence, theft and various other forms of counterproductive behaviors (Gilmore, 2009). Integrity tests are essential in the provision of low cost alternatives in the process of getting the most effective and reliable employees.
Assessment tests to avoid
While assessment tools are often used with much success in different organisations, some of them have to be avoided because they are not effective in producign the best lasting results. One of these assessment tests is the use of perfomance tests. These tests are always not effective because they do not focus on the ability ot the employees to learn new skills and knowledge as the organisation grows and develops.
These assessment tests are also not preferred because they often lead to screening out of employees that can be trained to undertake the roles of the organisation. Additionally, it also focuses onsome of the skills that the potential job candidates may not use in the course of their work practices.
The legality of selection tools
The human resource management often uses various selection tools in the process of getting the right staff for their work practices. Most of these tools are those that have been ratified by the labour laws and policies in the country.
All succesful organisations often rely on policies and regulations ratified by the economic policies of a country. In these organisations ofetn use them depending on their perceived effectiveness and convenience towards achieving the set goals and objectives (Gilmore, 2009). Employees should therefore not fear or reject to comply with organisations that use them in the process of their staffing and general human resource funtions.
Gilmore, S. (2009). Human resource management. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Heneman, H., & Judge, T. (2006). Staffing organizations (5th Ed). Middleton, WI: Mendota House. Read More
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Discussion Questions - Strategic Sourcing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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