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This is because by allowing them to recruit, evaluate and train potential employees, they are able to have first hand information about their employees and know their strength and…
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Exercising Strategy
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Case study: Exercising strategy Question As the Container Store continues to grow, the roles of the managers should remain the same. This is because by allowing them to recruit, evaluate and train potential employees, they are able to have first hand information about their employees and know their strength and weaknesses. They would also know where and how to motivate the workers. They could employ both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation on the workers (Armstrong, 2006). By involving the, managers also create a good manager employee relationship. This will in turn make the company have good returns.
The managers should set out the expectations and targets of the workers. This will make them work towards a specific target. They should also have a handbook with communication etiquette; both written and verbal. The handbook should also address the job description and expectations on attendance.
The staff on the other hand have the responsibility of being transparent and preparing the proper paperwork for the manager. This will make it very easy for the manger to have a proper report of what the employees are doing. This will also help them know whether they are working towards their set target or not.
Question 2
The advantage of having human resource management staff coming from store level is that it creates a good relationship between workers and management. It also makes the other employees have a sense of ownership of the company. They will also feel involved in policy making in the company. The main disadvantage would be sabotage from store managers. The managers may defend their workers who are not performing since they took part in recruiting and training them.
Question 3
The Container Store should consider outsourcing because it would help them handle functions that are hard to control and manage as they try to realize their benefits (Armstrong 2003). They could outsource recruiting and training the new employees. This could be determined by the output of the employees in the store.
Armstrong, M. (2006). A Handbook of Human Resource Management. London: Kogan Page Publishers. Read More
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(Exercising Strategy Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Exercising Strategy Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Exercising Strategy Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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