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Recognizing this importance, I developed a time management approach to my current life. The first step I carried out in developing…
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Time managemant strategy
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Time Management Strategy Throughout my experience in school and work, as well as through this I have come to recognize the importance of time management strategies. Recognizing this importance, I developed a time management approach to my current life. The first step I carried out in developing my time management strategy was listing my priorities. My list of priorities was established from both my long-term career goals and personal happiness. In this way my highest priority is my kids. My next priority is school as this will allow me to accomplish these later goals. Following school my next highest priority is my part-time job. I have placed this as a high priority as it allows me to participate in many activities and provide myself many necessities. My next priority is personal fitness, because it is important for my physical and emotional health. Following these elements I place my social life. I believe my social life is important as it contributes to my personal happiness and personal development. Finally, my last priority is at-home entertainment, such as television, reading, or watching movies.
In scheduling my activities I have chosen an online calendar. I chose this method because I have regular access to the calendar. I am also able to check it daily and make changes in a quick and efficient way. This digital calendar is also effective as it allows me to schedule-in events that may be occurring well into the future with ease. Through this specific time management strategy then at the beginning of the week I will schedule in all the events and activities that I know I am responsible for. After scheduling in these activities and events I will have a strong perspective on my workload for the week. After recognizing this specific workload I will be able to determine if there are problem areas where I may be too limited in my time requirements. In these situations I will consider my list of priorities and reschedule my time to ensure that I have adequate time for the one’s highest on the list.
I recognize that there may be activities I will have to limit in order to meet the requirements of my top priorities. In this way I will have to limit the amount of television I consume. Oftentimes I have watched televisions shows for extended periods of time and short-changed the effort I put into my scholastic work. Another important element I will have to limit is the amount of time I exercise. Many times I prefer to exercise with friends in the pool or at the gym. While this makes the experience more enjoyable I often have to spend extra time picking them up and socializing before and after. In this way I may have to spend more time exercising alone to ensure that I have adequate time to meet my other demands. In order to ensure that something unexpected does not disrupt my planning I recognize that it will be important that I do not procrastinate. By not procrastinating I will be able to accomplish the most important priorities, so that when unexpected things occur I will be able to handle them in an efficient way. Read More
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