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Role Of The Ombudsman In The Corporate Setting - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Role Of The Ombudsman In The Corporate Setting" discusses Ombudsman as an independent, neutral body that fights for the fair process, as well as confidential information as far as policies, processes, and procedures of any given organization are concerned…
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Role Of The Ombudsman In The Corporate Setting
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Extract of sample "Role Of The Ombudsman In The Corporate Setting"

Download file to see previous pages To settle disputes that might arise between external constituents and the members under Ombudsman representation.
Most employers are actively participating in reducing the litigation risk, by ensuring that they introduce the services of the Ombudsman. They ensure that they have a confidential, neutral, and independent third party to handle any confidential matter. Their purpose is to handle complaints of their employees before they advance to become lawsuits, which might be more costly and time consuming to both the management and the respective employee (Dona, 2011).
Most company’s operations are at high risk of collapsing because of increased employee-initiated lawsuits. In relation to the most recent research conducted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the medium cost in order to settle a discrimination lawsuit and any other complained by employee excluding legal costs is costing most organizations a lot (Edwin, 1989).
In most of the situations, company employees are always very reluctant to air out their grievances relating to issues such as discrimination, as well as harassment. It is because of the fear of a possible judgment and prosecution that the company management might impose on an individual (Gershenfeld, 1997). In order to amicably deal with this sort of fear, as well as job insecurity, an ombudsman is an option viewed as a dependable, trustworthy, and risk-free party. Moreover, company employees use it to raise their grievances and at the same time be sure of their job security as well confidentiality. It is in the regard that ombudsman’s role comes into being and includes the following roles:
Ombudsman has a major role, which is to act as a Listener (Mauton, 1984). In most cases employees in any given organization who have embraced the system, find it very useful to go the ombudsman way. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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