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Television Incorporated and Face Validity - Case Study Example

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The problem within this case is experienced in the performance of Ada. Ada is a hardworking woman who impresses Jack who entrusts her to carry out the duties of an administrative assistant after engaging her in a series of interviews…
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Television Incorporated and Face Validity
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Download file to see previous pages Jack makes a decision to reduce some of her duties so that she can resume to her normal level of success but things get worse with so many tasks left undone.
The person job fits and placement are applied in this case as we see Ada performing so well in her tasks in the first few months before she is overcome with the work overload that she initiated by requesting more tasks from Jack.
Face validity is a form of validity that is used to determine if a measure has given the expected results in regards to what it was supposed to measure. In this case, face validity was used to make decisions in various instances. First, Jack is able to pick Ada among the applicants since her credentials show that she can fit in the job of an administrative assistant. Second, Jack used face validity to summon Ada and reduce her duties and responsibilities since he notices the gradual change in how Ada is performing her tasks.
The steps in validating a selection device include observing the behavior of an employee and noting whether he or she is performing tasks as allocated. If there is a gradual change as seen in the case of Ada, get concerned and seek to get a solution to the problem.
If multiple predictors are used it becomes easier to make a decision that is in line with the firm or organizational goal. Jack has applied predictors in such a case to handle the case related to Ada. The compensatory approach seems to be ineffective here since Ada is not ready to let off some duties even after Jack noting that she is not doing well in her tasks. In addition, after Jack reduces her workload, it becomes worse than it was before as Ada is unable to perform her tasks
Validity generalization would not be appropriate for jobs at AAA television. It is clear that there are many tasks associated with AAA television and they are interrelated. If one employee slows down, the rest are affected. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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