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Reflection Journal Media and the Schools: What is the effect of media on the educational experience of children? Date Reflection on “Media and the Schools: What is the effect of media on the educational experience of children?…
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Media and the schools
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Reflection Journal Media and the Schools: What is the effect of media on the educational experience of children? Reflection on “Media and the Schools: What is the effect of media on the educational experience of children?” In my reading and in class this week I learned how media significantly affects the learning capabilities of children due to the diversity in programs and advertisements presented and easily accessible. I also learned that both authors, Provenzo and Kincheloe acknowledged that media became shaping forces that mold children’s cognitive and reactive skills and behavior. The sad part is that media, especially television, does not have the restrictive capacity to screen programs and viewers and thereby haplessly orient children to violence at very young ages. I agree to this and that exposing children to adult programs have paved the way for children to manifest violent and aggressive behavior. My personal experience on this is that my nephews, six of them, all boys, have been exposed to virtually all television programs through access to cable networks; as a result, the language they use and the actions seem to parallel toughness and aggressiveness, deemed as manifesting masculinity and power. As emphasized by Provenzo, due to the technological discovery of television, the number and incidences of crime have increased significantly and tremendously on the cultures exposed to violent programs. As a result, Kincheleo enjoined educators to resist what he termed as “anti-democratic machinations of techno-power” (Provenzo and Kincheloe, N.D., p. 233). 1. What are you learning about yourself from what you are reading/viewing/studying? I learned that as educators, despite wanting to seclude our children from programs which showcase predominantly adult materials and subjects, the easy access to these technological gadgets have actually affected traditional instruction and the way students perform in class. For example, teachers could actually emphasize to children that some programs are not for their young minds’ consumption. In my nephews’ cases, I remind them to limit TV viewing to only about two hours per day provided that they have finished their home works. However, in contemporary society, where both parents work for economical reasons, children are mostly left at home with only these technological gadgets to keep them company. Therefore, learning is sourced from these sources, regardless of the content and the maturity and preparedness of the children to view them. Outside the classroom, sadly, I cannot do anything about it. 2. How are you seeking to answer those questions to become a better reflective practitioner? The article made me more aware of the significant impact of media in learning and shaping educational consumption of children. As the articles, separately written by Provenzo and Kincheloe, were apparently outdated, the more diversely updated technological breakthroughs that children are exposed to currently, have significantly altered their educational preferences. Most young children view traditional classroom methods and approaches as boring and slow when compared to the exciting games and interactive medium accorded by computer social networking sites. My nephews shared to me that their classes, especially focusing on pure lectures, are useless since they can read the same information from their textbooks. One of my nephews admits sleeping when the lecture method of instruction is used. In this regard, I believe that educators must seriously evaluate on incorporating the media in current teaching curriculum. 3. How has what you are reading shaped your ideas about what it would mean to be a teacher? The contents of the article made me more determined to be innovative in incorporating technology in teaching. As contemporary generation have been acclimatized to using technological gadgets as sources of learning, teachers must learn to use these gadgets to enliven instructions and learn to innovate teaching methods and approaches. If we cannot shield our children from violent programs, we must at least use the media to promote alternative sources of productive learning that could reframe their aggressive behavior and channel them to beneficial uses. Moodle Musing 1. The main messages of the article The main messages of the articles focus on the significant effect of media, particularly television, in shaping the minds and experiences of children. The articles serve as a wake-up call to encourage educators to resist a competitive realm through technological breakthroughs that children can easily access and where violent and aggressive behavior are imitated and applied. 2. Take-aways that helps us become better reflective practitioners The information and statistics provided by Provenzo on the increased violence and crimes as a result of viewing programs from the television were alarming. The fact provided herein should be used to warn parents, teachers and school administrators to devise appropriate strategies to limit television viewing (which incidentally has already been found to be contributory to decrease physical activities of children and in the increase in incidences of obesity). Further, the information from the articles should encourage teachers to think of innovative ways to use technology as medium of instruction that would channel the children’s potentials to more beneficial uses. For example, encourage them to be creative using computer programs and suggest viewing worthy films, video clips and interactive class projects. 3. Strengths/Weakness The strengths of the articles are assessed in terms of the validity and support provided from the statistics and studies presented by Provenzo as well as the clarity by which the intended message have been relayed. On the other hand, there was eminent weakness in the presentation of Kincheloe due to the literary style used throughout the article which was difficult to read and the message was therefore lost within the structure. 4. Question How would teachers and parents limit children’s viewing of television and monitor the programs that they can access? How can teachers design innovative teaching methodologies to incorporate technological breakthroughs as legitimate sources of learning? Notes Sit with the children while watching TV and guide them through positive programs. Techno-power and media influence should instigate massive changes in format education. New forms of technology have even greater capacity to attract the attention of our children and educate them in new ways. Reference Provenzo, Jr. EF and JL Kincheloe. "Media and the Schools: What is the effect of media on the educationa experience of children?" Thirteen Questions: Reframing Education's Conversations. New York: Peter Lang, n.d. 215-235. Read More
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