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In the paper “Training Program for Priority Plastics, Inc” the author tries to determine the level of skill and familiarity of new employees to enable this new recruits to become proficient in the handling and operation of injection molding machine…
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Training Program for Priority Plastics, Inc
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Training Program for Priority Plastics, Inc
I. Introduction
Purpose of training: Priority Plastics, Inc. hired twelve new injection molding technicians in support of a new contract it received. This training program intends to enable this new recruits to become proficient in the handling and operation of injection molding machine that will not only save the company cost but will also increase its productivity.
Goal of training: At the end of the training program, it is expected that the new hires of injection molding technicians will be able to operate the injection molding machines proficiently with due consideration to safety, quality and increased productivity.
II. Assessment
To determine the level of skill and familiarity of new employees with regard to the injection machine and its operation.
Duration: two hours
III. Injection Molding Fundamentals
The coverage of this module includes the explanation of the injection molding machine and its significance in the business of the company. It will also introduce the principles of injection molding machines that will serve as their theoretical foundation.
a. Safety
New hires will be oriented through this course about the safety not only in operating the injection machines but also includes the safety in and around the production floor.
b. Operation of the injection machine
New hires will be taught about the different parts of the injection machine to be able to determine damaged parts that could cause problem in the future. They will be also taught about the basic operation of the injection molding machine. This module will emphasize safety, efficiency and productivity.
c. Assessment
To determine the trainee’s readiness to advance to the next module.
Duration: two days training, half day assessment.
IV. Injection Molding
The module will teach the trainees about the entire molding process. The molding process includes familiarity about the raw material used to make plastics, how the injection machine operate and mold the materials into plastic and how to control and operate the machine.
Trainees will also be taught about the molding variations which are present in the production floor and critical to the operation of the company. These molding variations are;
a. Die casting
Duration: 4 hours
b. Metal injection molding
Duration: 4 hours
c. Thin-wall injection molding
Duration: 4 hours
d. Injection molding of liquid silicone rubber
Duration: 4 hours
Assessment: 4 hours
V. Onboarding
In this module, trainees will be taught on how to independently operate an injection machine from the operations point of view. This is the stage where trainees will be handling actual operation which is apart and separate from theoretical introductions in the previous modules. This module will enable trainees to do the mold according to company’s safety and quality standard.
Duration: 2 days
Assessment: 2 hours
VI. Job-training
Job-training will teach trainees proficiency in the operation of the machines in a production floor environment. In this stage, trainees are no longer in the classroom but in the actual production floor. Part of the job-training is to troubleshoot production issues.
Duration: one week
VII. Evaluation
The determination and assessment of the trainee’s readiness to join the production floor. This will also pinpoint weak aspects of training that needs to be followed up in the future.
Duration: 1 day Read More
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