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She has been poised to turn around the company following her strong and remarkable leadership traits as will be discussed in this essay.
According to Gallo (2012), Mayer is a person who is committed and passionate…
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What skills of a leader does she possess
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Marissa Mayer: Leadership skills Marissa Mayer: Leadership skills Marissa Mayer, a former Google vice president, is the Yahoo CEO. She has been poised to turn around the company following her strong and remarkable leadership traits as will be discussed in this essay.
According to Gallo (2012), Mayer is a person who is committed and passionate about her job. Following a previous interview with Mayer, Gallo learnt that Mayer woke up very early and slept late answering her emails. He claims that Mayer proved to be a person committed to her brand basing on the way she spoke about her company, Google.
Mayer is a great communicator. According to Gallo, Mayer is an apt communicator who has a record of moving crowds with her strong oratory skills and presentation prowess. In her speeches, Gallo notes, Mayer tells stories and complements them with pictures.
According to Gallo (2012), Mayer dedicates part of her time to employees in the office. Through this method, she would ensure that the employees felt close to the management and therefore more motivated. She makes employees feel the meaning in the work process. Gallo states that the course of the interview proved to him that Mayer was a very committed person to her work as Google vice president. Other sources indicate that Mayer’s commitment to employees surpasses many people. She is known to spend a lot of time travelling worldwide to meet various teams. She is known to trust in team building using a face to face approach.
Mayer advocates for simple straight forward approach to solution designs. In this regard, she calls for solutions such as apps to be designed with users in mind. Using this style, Mayer has been accorded great respect by many users who admire her simplicity approach.
Committed to vision
Marissa Mayer is a person focused on mobile and design and prioritizing of the same. Mayer is known to be committed to this vision and usually reciprocates it in her seminars. By publicly stating her vision and keeping clearly focused on it, through the various referrals she makes to it, Mayer shows great leadership skills on commitment towards what one believes in. she exemplifies how a leader should lead others in focusing on their goals.
In her leadership roles at the organizational level, Mayer has been known to allow employees to practice their skills at their best. This is a method that brings many employees associated to her line of command able to perform a lot. She does not believe in putting down a set of guidelines to be followed by the employees but lets the employees’ practice what is expected of them.
The noted cases are practical examples of the extemporal leadership traits and skills exhibited by Marissa Mayer as noted by various analysts. The skills are enviable traits that any person would love to emulate, and traits that can be said to have contributed to her current status as CEO, Yahoo.
Gallo, C. (2012). Google’s Marissa Mayer: 3 leadership traits she’ll bring to Yahoo. Forbes. Retrieved from mayer-3-leadership-traits-shell-bring-to-yahoo/ Read More
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What Skills of a Leader Does She Possess Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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