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First and foremost, it is clear that Pohoski was harassed sexually by Faust Senior. According to the Bud Foods sexual harassment policy. This policy states clearly what can amount to sexual harassment. It states that sexually oriented jokes…
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Barbara Grutter v. Lee Bollinger
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Sonia Pohoski v. Fault Senior Question I dont agree with the courts decision. First and foremost, it is clear that Pohoski was harassed sexually by Faust Senior. According to the Bud Foods sexual harassment policy. This policy states clearly what can amount to sexual harassment. It states that sexually oriented jokes and language result in a sexually hostile work environment. Hence, such are prohibited. The fact that Pohoski did not read this policy cannot be used to deny her, her rights. It is very clear that, most of the time Faust Senior could utter such sexually harsh words to Pohoski when looking at Pohoskis rear end. Such a look in itself could contribute to sexual harassment. When Faust Senior said, ‘Mmm mmm mmm mmm, while looking at Pohoskis rear end, Faust Senior was kind of showing sexual lust to Pohoski. This fact was not considered anywhere by the court. Hence, I dont agree with the courts decision.
Question 2
I dont agree, with the courts determination of what constitutes severe and pervasive language, either. It is because, when looking at frequency; Pohoski went through harassment in five occasions by over a 10-days period. If this not frequent enough to qualify its frequency as that of the severe and pervasive language! Secondly, talking about psychological harm, Pohoski could go home every day and just cry every day and feel upset because of the kind of treatment she was getting from Fault Senior. She felt humiliated and would wake up not feeling like going to work. It is enough evidence to show that Pohoski was humiliated and underwent psychological harm I, therefore, dont agree with the courts determination of what contributes severe and pervasive language.
Question 3
Ethically, it is not appropriate to speak such sexually hostile language to anyone at work place. It is not also an appropriate thing to threaten workers with such hostile words, leave alone looking at them lustfully or asking them for sex in order to keep their jobs. It would, therefore, be ethical if Faust Senior got punished for creating such a hostile work environment for other workers. It would act as an example to other workers and employers who do anything they want because they have the money. Read More
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