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According to Wankel & DeFillippi (2003), an understanding of labor mobility as a program has opened up new methods designed for a successful provision of labor mobilization training program. Various terminologies exist to facilitate the provision of teaching and learning of…
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Labor Mobility Training Prototype Introduction and program contents According to Wankel & DeFillippi (2003), an understanding of labor mobility as a program has opened up new methods designed for a successful provision of labor mobilization training program. Various terminologies exist to facilitate the provision of teaching and learning of labor mobility program. However, the main purpose is to ensure that all the learners have been given a fair platform towards the understanding of labor mobility as a vital concept within an institution.
Content required for execution of the training
According to the international corporate training policies, the following items will be used to help in the moderation of the program.
1. Storyboards – Will be used to highlight on the execution procedure, contains animation images with a story content of labor mobility program.
2. Graphics – For charts and diagrams to facilitate illustrations that form a vital part of the training
3. Computer system and a projector – Will be used to enhance training visibility for all learners within a training session. With the aid of slides, the computer system will also contain instruction handout to be distributed to students in soft copy. Others include
4. Printed study material
5. Teleconferencing
Methodology followed
Identification procedure
The labor mobility training program is included in the circular in the institutional training package. As such, learners already have a slight exposure concerning such a program. Besides, many professionals including human resource personnels perceived such a program as an important element within every organization since it forms the backbone of productivity of the institution (Wankel & DeFillippi, 2003).
It is important for the mobility training program to be delivered to learners within the organizational environment. The availability of working environment and infrastructure are considered towards the delivery of such a training program (Wankel & DeFillippi, 2003).The coursework is developed in such a way that all the learning procedures to suite employees from different departments both the staff and the executives in a similar, but distinct training platform. The package developed will allow for scalability and enhance learning from a simple training domain through real life working environment situations.
Content Development: Contentment development structure was designed as shown below:
Stage 1 – labor mobility Concepts
Stage 2 - Introduction to labor mobility and the organization
Stage 3 – labor mobility aspects
Stage 4 – importance of labor mobility
Stage 5 – how to ensure consistency and sustainability
Stage 6 - Content Creation of labor Utilities
Stage 7 - Information Retrieval
Formative revisions
The main focus of the above part of the revision is to provide an assessment and identification of areas within the training program that may require adjustments. For the labor mobility training program, evaluation of the feedback assessment procedure will be used to determine if indeed the students understood the coursework of the study. Simple questions with very brief answers will form part of the assessment. Some of the questions would require a practical effort while others will be moderated in form of multiple choices.
Prototype test
After the final integration of the courseware into the training program, it is important to conduct a prototype training test. Such a test will be carried out for the duration of three weeks as planned by the training department. A good number of staffs will be identified in the testing process of the prototype.
Conclusion remarks
The prototype development is supposed to come to an end after the sixth week from the date of the initiation. After which the contents will be availed to the stakeholders to ascertain if it is worth being used as part of the training. However, the training session will be guided by the contents and the methodologies designed for the coursework.

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Wankel, C., & DeFillippi, B. (2003). Educating managers with tomorrows technologies. Greenwich, Conn: Information Age Pub.
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