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1. Organizational development (OD) indicates any efforts or strategies leading to wholesome change in the internal working process of an organization. The objective is to enhance the efficiency of the organization in order to achieve its strategic goal. This includes changes in…
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Organizational Development and change
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Download file to see previous pages which is an integral part of OD is the implementation of strategic planning decided by an OD consultant after diagnosing the performance level and shortcomings of an organization. Intervention process takes place after approval from the management once the effectiveness of the planning is assessed. As defined by Chris Agryris, “to intervene is to enter into an ongoing system of relationships, to come between or among persons, groups, or objects for the purpose of helping them” (Anderson, 2013, p.190). In order to enhance effectiveness of an organization, intervention processes need to focus on groups rather than individuals to make a cultural change so that mission and goals of the organization become more attainable. For effective intervention, one major step is to build trust and it is the job of the management to earn trust from employees before expecting them to listen to their propositions. Also, it is more important to create an environment of collaboration among employees rather than encouraging competitiveness for motivation as the collaboration can improve teamwork and communication. Strategic interventions can also help in bringing about changes within the organization like mergers, expansion or improving relationship with stakeholders.
There are four major types of intervention process. First is human process intervention which focuses on interpersonal relations and group performance. The goal is to create greater awareness of individual ability, develop specific behavioral skills, and to work more effectively as part of a group through various training methods (Kumar, 2010, p.187). Second type is technostructural intervention which is concerned with the organization’s technology like type and composition of job, and structure like job division and hierarchy. This intervention changes the overall working structure of the organization making it more flexible thus increasing motivation among employees. Also, it resorts to personnel layoffs and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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