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Admail case - Assignment Example

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Maintaining it, on the other hand, can be a challenge, as the economy regularly throws various trials across the faces of businesses. One of the primary challenges that firms face is whether they hire the right people, who…
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Admail case assignment
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Download file to see previous pages results into fatigue, is another problem that project managers face on a regular basis coupled with the aspect of balancing quality delivery as well as growth and expansion of the business (Mitchell et al., 2003). The Canadian Post has over time served the Canadian citizenry correctly through all of their products and services. However, the Admail, which is tasked with the delivery of advertising messages, has in the recent past been on the spotlight due to inefficiency. The ineffectiveness has been brought about by the fact that on certain occasions, Admail helpers have not been delivering messages in time (Kernaghan et al., 2000). The once competitive and highly profitable part of the Canadian Post has faced a myriad of problems in the past, most of which have materialized due to the poor organization within the section. In handling this assignment, I am going to provide a vivid description of how to structure and manage the firm, which would compete effectively with Admail, and avoid the problems that it has been facing. This exploration is based on environmental analysis, organizational culture, planning as well as decision-making.
Admail, which is run by the Canadian Post serves well over thirteen million customers within Canada. It has managed to achieve such a customer base due to the influence of the Canadian Post, which is its parent organization. In order to put up another firm, that can compete with Admail as it expands, I would settle on the central Canadian region, notably Ontario to serve as the hedquarter. Apart from being strategically located to serve the entire country, Ontario has a large population, which would act as the perfect customer base with which to begin. For purposes of this assignment, the new firm would be referred to the Mail Daily. Mail Daily would be headed by a chief operations officer, who would be tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the daily tasks that concern the organization. Similarly, the organization would be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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