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Knowledge Representation - The true value of knowledge in an organisation - Essay Example

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The present environment of business is found to be witnessing or rather undergoing constant alterations which is believed to threaten the sustained existence of the organizations. Therefore, organizations need to concentrate on the aspect of sharing and managing knowledge within…
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Knowledge Representation - The true value of knowledge in an organisation
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Extract of sample "Knowledge Representation - The true value of knowledge in an organisation"

Download file to see previous pages Learning as well as knowledge has been found to go together along with complimenting each other. It has also been learnt to involve numerous years for the comparatively developed nations to make approaches from agricultural form to knowledge-motivated and finally to industrial economies. This particular transformation is believed to keep constantly provoking the organizations towards enhanced performance (Benett & Benett, 2004).
The notion of knowledge management was learnt to be quite fresh during the previous decade which resulted in creating significant degree of apprehension and enthusiasm. The subject of knowledge management also attracted noteworthy amount of attention and acknowledgment for its related prospective with regard to manipulate the freshly identified positive feature in terms of knowledge which in its course is believed to elevate the degree of effectiveness of the organizations. A definite notion was also deciphered during the century that organizations were competent of enhancing their proficiencies with the help of learning which was further observed as quite likely to lead towards dexterity as well as gaining enhanced competitive advantages (Benett & Benett, 2004).
. From a similar perspective, this paper will intend to assess the significance of knowledge management in organizations with reference to its related strategies. This paper will also intend to focus on the imperativeness of knowledge management in organizations and the various strategies in relation to knowledge management.
The idea of knowledge management is still regarded as a fresh field and thus, a noteworthy degree of learning in the way of trial and error is yet constantly taking place. However, knowledge management has been observed to emerge victorious in structuring quite an imperative number of processes that have proved to be successful and ascertained its worth in relation to quite a number of firms as they still keep exerting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Knowledge Representation - The True Value of Knowledge in an Essay.
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