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Design a total rewards program based on the organization that you have studied thus far in the course - Essay Example

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For this purpose they develop and implement different approaches and tools that are aimed to attract, motivate and retain employees within the…
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Design a total rewards program based on the organization that you have studied thus far in the course
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Extract of sample "Design a total rewards program based on the organization that you have studied thus far in the course"

Download file to see previous pages ply goes to the scheme telling that organization wants to obtain productivity and outcome from its employees and in turn it will provide its employees valuable experience and reward. The following paper will represent the total reward program for the certain organization and will recommend changes to it. It will further assess and discuss the risks of implementing the program and the opportunities it can give to the organization. Certain metrics will be provided for evaluating the total rewards program.
For the Sport & Health fitness center it is vital to provide the best services for its clients through excellent work of their employees. As it puts into practice different activities that are connected with the health improvement, it should take into an account professionalism in the execution of its employees’ duties. The organization offers affordable services and is aimed on people from all occupations and life styles and involves everyone from children to the elderly. Since modern life cause people to feel stress more often, for some individuals it is also the monotonous and inactive life and going in for various sport and fitness centers will be the way out that will provide them healthy life. These facts put fitness Centre in the forehand as one of the growing industries. However, the modern technologies and improvements in the recruitment spheres require deeper understanding of how such business should conduct its activities. Thus, Sport & Health fitness center experiences currently certain financial problems, as the technology is advancing and it requires better acquisition of more modern equipment. It is also facing the challenge that is connected with the people’s understanding of fitness and its role in their lives. Along with it, the organization should revise its policy of providing service, as in the future it can face with the competition because health issue is obtaining more attention and thus more fitness establishments open its doors to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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