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The selection of the subject was motivated by the realization that work/life balance contributes to higher employee productivity and job satisfaction. The managers must help employees attain work/life boundary in order to reduce job-related stress thus enabling the organization…
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Training Project
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Work/life program A training program for managers on helping employees manage their work/life boundary Introduction
The work/life training program is designed for managers, and aims at enabling the them acquire knowledge and skills on work/life balance in order to help employees manage their work/life boundary.
The selection of the subject was motivated by the realization that work/life balance contributes to higher employee productivity and job satisfaction. The managers must help employees attain work/life boundary in order to reduce job-related stress thus enabling the organization to increase the staff retention and reduce employee turnover. The program was also motivated by the need to help employees acquire healthy lifestyles, improve their physical and spiritual health in order to enhance their well-being as individuals.
The program is designed for human resource managers, leader leaders and departmental heads due to their day-to-day interactions with employees and their roles in job design and job allocation in the organization. The program is tailored to meet the needs of employees in establishing work/life boundary and considers various aspects of work and personal life that contribute to physical and social well-being of an individual. The program caters for both the organizational needs and individual needs of each employee.
By the end of the training program, the managers and team leaders should understand how to create a work/life boundary, how to help their employees in time management and stress reduction strategies. The participants should acknowledge the importance of work/life boundary in improving organizational productivity and increasing employee retention. The participants should be capable of designing a work/life boundary training program for their subordinates.
Summary of the training project
Training Program description
The training program will enable both lectures and case study analysis. The training will entail one-hour lecturers everyday for a period of five days. The lecturers will be conducted inside the company premises.
Purpose of training
The costs associated with poor work/life boundary are high for both the company and the employees. The program is designed to enable managers know how to help their employees on different aspects of work/life boundary such as improving time management, eliminating burnout, reframing stress, improving health and wellness, and attainment of personal goals.
Course objectives
After completion of the training course, the managers and team leaders should be able to:
Identify the importance of work/life boundary for their employees
Identify the causes of work-related stress and sources of work-life balance conflict
Understand time management and goal prioritization skills
Understand how to create healthy relationships for their work and personal life growth
Understand how to enable the employees manage their energy and good health through engaging in physical exercises and taking healthy diets
Gain skills in employee counseling on work-related stress situations
Develop and train their subordinates on personal work/life boundary plans
Course outline
Definition of work-life balance
Core personal life areas- self, work, social, society and life principles
Personal achievement and enjoyment as basis of fulfilling life-long goals
Identification of personal strengths and weaknesses
Importance of work-life balance to organizations
Taking responsibility for attainment of individual work and life results
Work and personal time management skills
Staying focused during interruptions at work
Strategies of enhancing work and personal relationships
Team building and corporate events
Maintaining positive life attitude
Habits that contribute to energized and healthy workforce- rest, balanced diet and exercises
Job-related stress counseling
Adjusting work-life balance over time
Chick, E.D. (2004). Fundamentals of work-life balance: career development. Alexandria: ASTD.
Major, D.A & Burke, R.J. (2013). Handbook of work-life integration among professionals: challenges and opportunities. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. Read More
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