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An Evaluation Plan for an Evaluation of Cultural Competence of Teachers in Public Schools Name Institution Date Abstract Cultural competence, or the lack of it, is purely natural, human and sane. The debate on the cultural competence of the teachers in our public schools has raged on and on…
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Design the Evaluation Plan, Part 3
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"Design the Evaluation Plan, Part 3"

Download file to see previous pages This however is not possible if the teachers in the system are not. Every day there are multiple cases of disgruntled parents and students who feel that the treatment they get in our public schools is short of their expectations. It is therefore wise to come up with a training program that trains teachers on the matter. For the government to support such a training project, we need to evaluate the cultural competence of the teachers in our schools first. In light of this, this paper is an evaluation plan for the cultural competence of teachers in public schools. Evaluation Scope and Purpose The Department of Education is interested in funding a proposed training project to enhance cultural competence of the teachers in public schools. It commissioned an evaluation of the teacher cultural competence so as to get data to pass the teacher cultural competence training as policy. Of interest to the ED is an evaluation plan which identifies the project’s strengths and weaknesses so that they will have the means to improve the educational system. Emphasis is especially laid on the need to enhance the cultural competence of the teachers. The ethical issues around prior conduct of the teachers need to be evaluated due to political considerations. There is the apparent need to enhance the cultural competence of the teachers. ...
cultural competence of the teachers that are not in the training project design foresight and hence have possible remedies for them sought a forehand before the training commences. The evaluation seeks to answer the questions; i. Is there a dire need to improve the cultural competence of the teachers in the public schools? ii. Are the public education stakeholders satisfied with the cultural competence of the teachers? iii. What should be detailed in their cultural competence training project? Evaluation Team Members and Stakeholders The evaluation team will consists of a group of ten (10) chosen from several disciplines. There will be one (1) general overseer who will be the evaluation comptroller. The general overseer gives tasks and will act as the project coordinator. It is important to have an in-charge for any group to function effectively. There will be two (2) audit officers, three (3) social workers who should be experts in public education issues, two (2) volunteers and two (2) external evaluators. It is wise to conduct the evaluation with ‘outsiders’ since they are not involved in the funding or the implementation of the program. They are useful in identifying useful indicators, assessing the program in relation to quality, effectiveness and efficiency and describing pre- and post-program levels of stressors. Their approach is neutral due to lack of any links with the organization hence they have a non-partisan perspective to the evaluation. Their input has to be impartial in the evaluation. However, the limitations that come with external evaluators are lack of specialised knowledge in matters concerning public education. They may as well be a source of extra stress on the stakeholders. Project Logic and Indicators The evaluation will have two scheduled ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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