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This paper "Hiring Women as a Basketball Coach" focuses on the fact that it can be a hard nut to crack owing to the political requirements and needs that have to be adhered to in making the decision. This study aims at stating the author's position for the hiring of a women’s basketball.  …
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Hiring Women as a Basketball Coach
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Hiring Women as a Basketball Coach
Hiring women basketball coach
Hiring a women basketball coach can be a hard nut to crack owing to the political requirements and needs that have to be adhered to in making the decision. This study aims at stating my position for the hiring of a women’s basketball whether the position will be a man or a woman and the possibility of paying the coach less compared to that of the male basketball coach.
Whether to hire a woman or a man
The conditions that will be required in the hiring procedure are that the performance, skills, and experience of the person have to meet those set in the hiring panel (Skaine, 2001). The decision to hire a coach will not be based on sex, as this will amount to discrimination. Therefore, if the best candidate is a man, the coaching position will be filled by a man and if the best candidate is a woman, the women basketball coaching position will be filled by a woman. However, when a man and a woman have the same skills, experience and are the most qualified candidates for the coaching position, a woman will be chosen. This will be aimed at ensuring a minority is hired and to ensure finesse and skill is maintained, as is the case in a women team. I will only make the decision to hire a woman if they have better skill than men do and I would rather hire a man than hire a woman who has fewer skills.
The decision to hire the best person whether he is a woman or a man may be politically incorrect but hiring a second best woman will be a disservice to the women basketball team. The position of women’s basketball coach will therefore be open to anyone who proves t have more skill, ability, and experience to give the best and ensure the skills of the girls are improved and that they are able to compete at the highest level and win trophies for Awesome University.
Paying same amount to that of the men’s coach
I have all intention to ensure that the salary and other compensation packages of a coach hired to train the women basketball team are equal. The intention is to ensure that the coach hired to train the women’s basketball team is that the person hired has the same skill, responsibility, and effort as that of the men’s basketball team (Morris, April 27, 2008). With this similarity in the performance and skills, it would be unethical to pay the person less amount to that of the male basketball counterpart. Therefore, the intention is to pay a similar amount to the person selected to train the women basketball team with the consideration of similarity in skills, responsibility, and performance. The other reason for the pay to equal that of the male counterparts is to ensure compliance with Equality Pay Act where there is a requirement for payment of employees the same amount regardless of gender when they perform at the same level, take the same responsibilities, use the same skills, and performance at similar conditions. The other reason for the payment of the same salary for the coaches of both male and female basketball teams is to ensure the lack of feeling of preference for one of the teams ensuring the capability and will to put their best performance in the job to ensure training is well done and achieve success (Thornton et al., 2012).
Morris, R. (April 27, 2008). As South Carolina looks for a new women's basketball coach, debate rages over the qualifications of male and female coaches. The State. Accessed on 9th October 2014 from battle.html#storylink=cpy
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Hiring Women As a Basketball Coach Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 10.
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